Services Provided By Russian Christian Missions

Dear Pastor,Church Leader or Future Mission Team Member,

Welcome to Russian Christian Missions, Inc. May God's wondrous peace and grace abound in your family and church.

Russian Christian Missions, Inc. is a very small ministry indeed. The people of Russian Christian Missions are myself and my wife, Andy and Stephanie Nelms and Kelly and David Hickey. We strive to serve the Russian people by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them on an annual basis. We invite people to go with us to lead a vacation Bible school (VBS) and to do home ministries and we plant new churches along the way. We encourage existing churches and pastors at those churches.

We encourage you to check us out. If you are here checking us out then we invite you to contact us in person or to contact our church, Chestnut Mountain Church in Flowery Branch, GA. We are lay people in our church. Andy is an adult Sunday School teacher and Stephanie serves on the Technical Team.

We are first and foremost Christians and we happen to believe what the Baptist faith teaches. You may read our . Our church happens to belong to the Southern Baptist Association. Having said that we work with various denominations in Russia and with people from various denominations in the US. Unlike some other organizations we DO NOT REQUIRE you to believe exactly as we believe in order to serve with us.  However, we will not take just anyone.  Each team member must demonstrate to us that they have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are conservative in our understanding and interpretation of the Bible. That means we believe in the inerrancy and infallibility of the original texts of the Bible. When the Bible says miraculous things happened, we accept it as a work of the God who created the universe. You may view our statement of faith

If you are here looking for a short-term mission trip to Russia, you have come to the right place. I was a team member on my first mission trip to Russia and I have led nine mission trips to Russia as of January 2007. We are preparing for the eleventh mission trip as January of 2008 approaches.  

You and your church members are welcome to team up with us and our church and work together on a single mission trip or we are more than happy to help you organize a mission trip of your own. If you or your church members want to join us on our next mission trip then your only cost is the normal per person cost.

We would be honored to lead you and your church members on a mission trip sponsored by your church. The cost of our services for leading your own church sponsored mission trip is included in the per person cost of between $2,800 and $3,400 depending on the costs of the particular trip. In other words it cost you the same whether we lead the trip for you or you join us on our trip.  

The services we can provide for your church's Russian mission trip are as follows:

  • Arrange your airline tickets
  • Arrange your hotel reservations
  • Arrange for apartments to stay in (which is always cheaper than a hotel)
  • Arrange ground transportation to the destination(s) in Russia
  • Arrange daily ground transportation
  • Obtain invitations to travel to Russia
  • Obtain Russian visas
  • Registration of team members within first 3 days of arrival in Russia (required by Russian law)
  • Contact a church in Russia where you can work as partners with them
  • Provide food for the trip
  • Provide lodging in Russia
  • Hold meetings with your church's team members for trip preparation (teach Russian culture and set expectations)
  • Act as your coordinator/director of vacation Bible school (VBS) in Russia or work with your director
  • Obtain Christian Russian interpreters
  • Obtain materials for VBS
  • Train team members in regards to the VBS materials
  • Provide some site seeing in Moscow and the surrounding area
  • Collect funds for the trip
  • Track funds for allocation to individual team members
  • Pay airline deposits when due from collected funds
  • Pay for airline tickets from collected funds
  • Pay for hotel deposits when due
  • Pay for all other expenses in Russia
  • Obtain trip and health insurance for team members
  • Provide some site seeing in Moscow and the surrounding area

I would like to add one final note if I may. Russian Christian Missions, Inc.will be applying for 501(c)(3) status as of April 2008. We will not receive final approval until after the end of our fiscal tax year which ends December 31, 3008. As of this writing we have a Board of Directors consisting of four individuals: Andy & Stephanie Nelms and David and Kelly Hickey.   All members of the board attend Chestnut Mountain Church or Calvary Chapel Flowery Branch. The only person in the ministry who receives any compensation is Andy Nelms. 

Thank you for your interest in Russian missions in general and in particular your interest in Russian Christian Missions, Inc. Have a look at the site and if you have questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact us. If you are interested in a trip, please download and read our 46 page document Survival Guide For Russia Mission Trips.

May God bless your mission endeavors greatly. 

Your brother in Jesus Christ, 

Andy & Stephanie Nelms
David and Kelly Hickey


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