The Four in the Fire Teams

We cannot begin to express our gratitude to all of the people who have joined us in the Great Adventure. You have all, in your own ways, given so much to the people of Russia and we greatly appreciate all that you have done.

You have shown them love and compassion and taken an interest in their lives and in their eternal destinies. One day in heaven there will be people from all walks of life who will come up to you and say thank you and at first you will wonder who they are and then they will explain that they were the children on whom you loved and to whom you spoke of Jesus. They will tell you that you were there at the beginning of their path towards Jesus.

Do you want to take a child in your arms and give them a hug, and then tell them about Jesus? If so just send us a note and we will begin to pray for you.

Your Fellow Sojourners,
Andy and Stephanie Nelms

Come join us in the Great Adventure!