June 2015 Mission Trip Deadlines

Please note that these deadlines are only guidelines and they are not intended to keep you from going with us. If you are joining us later in the year we understand that you may not immediately be able to meet the deadlines. Call or write and we will discuss what we feel are appropriate deadlines for you.

We must purchase your airline tickets by the first week of April.

Once we purchase the tickets, those tickets will have your name assigned to them. If later you can't go because you could not raise all of your funds, then we can't get a refund for your tickets and your money, actually God's money, is wasted. We will ask each team member for their permission to purchase their ticket before we actually purchase the tickets.

PurposeAmountDue Date
Initial Deposit$300February 1
First Deposit$500March 1
Second Deposit$1000March 31
Third Deposit$1000April 30
Balance of Funds$1000May 17

To properly schedule your travel we must impose the above deadlines. However, if you wish to join the team and you have missed some deadlines already, please call or write and let's discuss your options.