Why You Should Go To Russia on A Mission Trip

The following text was written by various Russian Christians who have served as interpreters for us on our mission trips in the past. I asked them why American Christians should come to Russia on missions trips. They speak both English and Russian fluently. I have left the text exactly as they wrote it, so that you would "hear" their Russian voices "speaking" to you as you read the text. This means that their mistakes in writing and grammar are present, but ignore that and listen to them tell you why they believe you should come to Russia.

By Marina Tolmosova

May be some reasons are really very obvious but they are the most important. It's God's will that we should bring the good message to all people no matter how many people will be saved, even one. There are several people in our church who are the result of short missionary trips. Moreover I guess if one have an opportunity to help those who are in need he should do it. And in our country there are a lot of people who are in need. Then this trip will be useful for those who come because God will change them, enrich their spirit, draw them closer to Him. Their views, attitude to life will be changed, they will see the other side of life, other culture, different style of life. I think that nobody of those Americans who have already come to Russia was dissapointed.

Thank you. God bless you!


Marina interpreted for us on the December 2004 mission trip and did a marvelous job.

By Sergei Sokolov

Making a decision to come here you make a step by faith. Because you will have to make some sacrifices (financial, time, to be out of comfort zone.) When you get here
- you can be a blessing to Russian men, women and children.
- you can share Good News with those who don't know Christ
- you can be financial support for local church here because economy situation in Russia still is very difficult; tithe and donations are not enough for church operating (pastor salary, building rent, ministries, Sunday school and so on)
- you can appreciate what God had gave you and how He blessed you. You will see that many people live different lives and what you think is ordinarily is inaccessible for many people
- when you come back you can share with others about what God had done
- may be God will call you for long time mission to another country.

God bless you

Sergei interpreted for us on the July 2002 mission trip.

By Masha Belan

From my own experience I can say, that when American Christians come to Russia with open hearts, a desire to serve Russian people and share the Gospel, it is a blessing. I think it is a good thing to share with others your joy and happiness if you know Jesus and to help those who are in need if you have such an opportunity. Unfortunately, lots of people here and children are in need. Many people in Russia live in poverty, darkness and have no hope. So many children live without fathers or with parents-alcoholics. And if you have an opportunity to touch their lives in some way you should do it. Vocation Bible school is a good opportunity for that. I’m sure that it is a great privilege to be used by God, to be His instrument in changing other peoples lives.

And also, I think that such trips are very useful for Americans as well. It helps many of them to see the life they have differently.

And I also want to say that for me and for many Russian interpreters, helpers and just Christians it is a blessing to serve God with people who come from the other side of the planet, speak different language, have different style of life and different culture but believe in the same Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a good day and God bless you!


Masha interpreted for us on the July 2002 mission trip.

By Anya Gromov

I want to share why Children's Sunday School Camp (VBS) is very helpful.
1) It helps kids to spend time among Christians instead of being somewhere in the streets and learning bad stuff.
2) Kids see adults who are happy and joyful instead of their families which are most of the times have alcoholics and bad situations. So kids see good example and they want to be like "happy adults" and they know that those guys know Jesus - and kids would love to know Jesus more too.
3) Especially for Americans - I've heard many testimonies of those who used to come for a short term mission trip to Russia. God taught them a lot
- to be thankful for what they have in their lives in America,
- to be content when your flesh wants to complain
- to grow in your ability to share the Gospel and love with unconditional love those whom you don't know at all
- to know by experience the truths from Phil.4:12-13.

Phillipians 4:12-13
12) I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need.
13) I can do all things through Him which strengthens me.

In Christ - Anya