About RussianChristianMissions.org

Andy and Stephanie Nelms

This web site, RussianChristianMissions.org, is owned and operated by Russian Christian Missions, Inc. The directors are Stephanie and Andy Nelms. This web site first appeared in 1999 and has grown every year since.

The purpose of the web site is to serve as a tool for those who are searching for mission trips to Russia. It is also a place where those who are seeking God can come and find what God has to say to them about various topics of interest.

The focal point of both Russian Christian Missions, Inc. and www.RussianChristianMissions.org is Jesus. After all, it was He that died for our sins and it is only by faith in Him that we shall shall be saved from an eternity in Hell.

All that we do is to serve Jesus Christ. When we go to Russia we serve Jesus Christ by serving the Russian people.

This web site contains material that can help you to discover what is involved in a mission trip to Russia. If you have any questions please contact us.

If you would like to verify who we are please contact one of our references on the Contact Us page. You will find our references in the bottom portion of the right most column.

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Thank you for spending time here at RussianChristianMissions.org. 


Andy and Stephanie Nelms