About Stephanie and Andy Nelms

Andy and Stephanie Nelms

Andy and Stephanie Nelms founded Russian Christian Missions, Inc. in 2007, although the ministry that started as Russian Christian Missions began in 1995, when Andy and Stephanie led their first mission trip to Russia. They lead short term mission trips to Russia for the purpose of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who do not know Him. They organize one or more VBSs each year for the Russian children as well as host Bible studies and English as a Second Language classes.

Stephanie is a software developer working with NCR in Duluth, Georgia. Andy has been a software developer for 31 years, and is currently in school retooling so to speak. He is acquiring new skills and sharpening old skills to become certified as a Web Designer. He also serves in part-time ministry here at Russian Christian Missions.

Andy Nelms said, " We both feel that God called us in 1995 to do part-time ministry work in Russia. We have worked many years with Pastor Volodya Kochelev in Alexandrov to help him with his ministry, but now we will be working with many churches." They met the Kochelevs in December 1995 on Andy's second mission trip to Russia. That was Stephanie's first trip and their first trip together.

At the time, the Kochelevs lived in Kolchugino, a small town about 100 miles northeast of Moscow. In December of 1998, the Nelms' traveled to the city of Alexandrov, a city of about 100,000, and helped the Kochelevs plant a new church.

In December of 1999 and December of 2000, they returned to Russia with friends and continued the work of teaching the new Christians and evangelizing others at the church. Then they returned again in July of 2002 with 15 Americans, the largest group to that date.

About 80 children attended a vacation Bible school and about 16 adults attended a nightly Bible study. Approximately half of the children who attended the VBS professed faith in Jesus Christ for the first time that week. The Nelms' said "With children you can't be sure if they completely understood, but some of them believed and that made the trip worthwhile."

Volodya and Nadya Kochelevie

Pastor Volodya Kochelev and his wife Nadya Kocheleva are pictured to the right. This was one of their more serious moments. We were touring Red Square at the time.

Andy and Stephanie returned again in December of 2004, 2005 and 2006. "On each trip we see further spiritual growth among those who have been worshiping and working in the church in Karabanovo since 1998", said Andy.  He gives praise to God for the growth of the church in Karabanovo and for growth in his and Stephanie's ministry.

When not in Russia, which is most of the time, Andy and Stephanie attend NewBranch Community Church . Both have hosted and facilitated a small group fellowship/Bible study on Sunday evenings. Andy has a new business venture serving churches and small groups called Agape Small Groups. The business site is under construction. We will probably open for business in late 2010.

If you are interested in a short term mission trip to Russia, you may read about the trip in the letter of invitation .

Andy and Stephanie Nelms